UAAT/U of I Joint Research Project

The University Academic Alliance in Taiwan (UAAT) and the University of Illinois System have launched the Joint Research Project for institutional research scientists.

2024 Call for Proposals

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Information and Partnering Webinar: July 23 (U.S.)/July 24 (Taiwan) (RSVP here by July 18)

This program of UAAT and the U of I aims to facilitate both research and development collaboration and the delivery of talent, innovations, and resources from universities/institutions to impactful contributions, building foundations for future Grand Challenge Project collaborations. The goal is to promote economic and societal development through the research and development of innovative technologies, while facilitating collaboration between the two entities.

Priority Areas
Priority focus areas for the program include next-generation semiconductors (+quantum), AI & data for human well-being, and sustainability (see printable version for key topics in each area).


  • Total funding available for this joint call is USD $1,200,000, approximately NTD $38,400,000, shared equally by UAAT and U of I.
  • Funding amount per selected proposal is up to USD $150,000, approximately NTD $4,800,000. In other words, each party will offer up to USD $75,000, approximately NTD $2,400,000, per selected proposal.
  • Each selected proposal will receive an even distribution of funding from UAAT and U of I to their respective PI.
  • The actual amount of funding available and the number of projects funded in will be reviewed and determined by mutual agreement between UAAT and U of I.
  • The funding period is one year, starting December 1, 2024, through November 30, 2025. Unless jointly approved by the coordinators, there will be no extensions beyond this timeframe.
  • Funding not spent by the end of the funding period must be returned so that unspent balances can be re-allocated.
  • Funding covers international travel by university/institution faculty members and students, hosting scholars from the other university (daily stipends in principle), international events, meetings, personnel expenses for postdocs and students (no faculty salaries), supplies, research equipment, and additional expenses that are necessary to facilitate the advancement of research.
  • Funding does not cover indirect cost recoveries (ICR).
  • Funding should only be utilized for the selected proposal and approved budget plan.
  • All expenses must comply with the guidelines of the respective parties to which reimbursement is to be sought.

Intellectual Property
For purposes of this program, intellectual property will remain with the university that generated such intellectual property (what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is yours).

In the event that new intellectual property will be generated jointly by the universities/institutions from the program, both sides will agree to reach a mutually beneficial agreement with respect to intellectual property ownership, management, protection and further development and exploitation.


  • All proposals must be jointly submitted by both UAAT faculty member(s) and U of I faculty member(s).
  • All proposals must address the importance and significance of the project, technical details, overall planning, the clarification of intellectual property rights that are likely to be generated (position and strategy), and plans for future developments of the collaboration project at the end of this project that are envisioned.
  • To promote international academia-industry collaboration, collaboration and partnership with industries (e.g., in forms of providing matching fund, internship, R&D collaboration, joint workforce/talent development etc.) in the project are encouraged. Higher priority will be given to proposals that include corporate/industry partners and university-industry collaboration.
  • All proposals should clearly explain the motivation for holding the activity, including how the relevant UAAT and U of I institutes or departments are involved and can benefit in the long term from this cooperation and what synergies can arise.
  • Proposed activities should have a clearly defined focus with scientific and technical merit, demonstrate innovation and economic/societal impact, and serve as a catalyst for moving research forward to a path of Grand Challenge project.
  • Proposed activities can take place either at UAAT or U of I.
  • Proposed activities’ inclusion of third parties is permitted; however, the additional costs must be covered by these parties themselves.
  • Please refer to the printable version linked above for the proposal template.
  • To apply, joint project proposals should be submitted to the online application system by September 20, 2024.
  • Late application will not be considered.


  • Both UAAT and U of I applicants must be full-time, tenure-track faculty members for the duration of the funding period.
  • Each project must have at least one UAAT principal investigator (PI) and one U of I PI.
  • Each project must include participation of at least two UAAT member universities and one U of I member university/institution (including the universities to which the PIs belong). The list of member universities in UAAT and member institutes in U of I can be found in the printable version linked above.

Selection Criteria

  • Proposal selection will be made by a joint selection committee consisting of UAAT and U of I representatives.
  • Selection of representatives will be coordinated by the UAAT Secretariat and the U of I System OVPEDI.
  • The joint selection committee reserves the authority over the proposal selection, taking into account strategic priorities and the availability of funding.
  • Higher priority will be given to proposals that include corporate/industry partners.  Letters of intent (support) from industry partners should be included as clear indication.
  • Funding will be provided on a competitive basis, following the selection criteria below:
Criterion %
1) Scientific merit, technical merit, excellence of innovation potential, potential impact 40%
2) Clear plan and goals for the activity during the one-year program 20%
3) Description of the UAAT and U of I PI’s research profiles (excellence of project leaders, scope of the fields/labs represented in the proposed activity) and synergy between them 20%
4) Information on how the cooperation can be sustained beyond the initial funding phase, plans for securing funding for the project at the end of this grant, and other forms offuture development (e.g., commercialization, economic impacts etc.) that are envisioned. Suitable outline of how the future development or the generation of the listed benefits will be achieved, if applicable. Plans to assess and validate the quality and effectiveness of the project’s outcomes.

Higher priority will be given to proposals that include corporate/industry partners and university-industry collaboration.

  • Successful applicants will receive a letter of award outlining the process to accept the funding.
  • Feedback on individual applications will not be provided.

Recipient Obligation

  • Recipients must mention the funding in all appropriate media, including any events arising from activities supported by this funding should include an acknowledgment of “UAAT-U of I Joint Research Project” and any publications/presentations arising from activities supported by this funding should include acknowledgment of “This publication/presentation is supported in part by the Joint Research Project between University Academic Alliance in Taiwan and the University of Illinois System.”
  • Recipients must submit a summary report/presentation two months upon the end of the funding period.
  • Recipients must comply with all relevant laws and university regulations, including those relating to intellectual property, codes of conduct, etc.

Important Dates

For reference, the important dates of the 2024 UAAT-U of I Joint Research Project are as follows:

Milestones Dates
Call for Proposals published July 1, 2024
RSVP deadline for Information and Partnering Webinar July 18, 2024
Submit slides for optional two-minute talk during Webinar July 20, 2024
Information and Partnering Webinar (optional participation) July 23/24, 2024
Project proposal submission deadline Sep. 20, 2024
Announcement of awards Nov. 2024
Proposed activities commence Dec. 1, 2024


For further information, please contact:
UAAT: Chia-Lin Huang (; +886 (0) 2 3366 3267)
University of Illinois: Jisu Hong (; +1 217-300-6686)